Monday, April 12, 2010

Review- The Body Shop Body Butters.

Wow. That's alot of Bs.

So, lately I have been on an eco-friendly kick. More reviews coming soon. So, at the mall, I knew it had always been there, but never really cared about it. The Body Shop! I went in, spent about an HOUR in that place. I bet they got tired of me. So, I went in there and wanted to buy everything! But of, course, I only had extremely little  
so much money, so after thoroughly looking over everything, I decided I wanted a body butter. There were SO many different -equally yummy scented- kinds of scents to choose from. Now, just so you know, every single thing you buy at The Body Shop is 100% Animal cruelty free, Organic, and Recycled. Nice, huh? I find that my skin reacts very well to organic products. And, it feels good to know you aren't doing something bad for the earth. Okay, that was off subject. What I was saying was.... There were so many delicious scents to choose from...

Sweet Lemon, Aloe, Mango, Satsuma (What is that, anyway?), Olive, Wild cherry...Just SO many! Which one to pick?! All of them! I wish...

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So, I ended up picking out Coconut, because it smelled nice, and seemed to be a favorite of lots-The tester tub was almost empty!) . So, there was a big tub and a small one, I picked the small one, to try out.

I LOVED IT! It smelled amazing, and moisturized like no other. Before I knew it, I had bought two more!
Oh, and yet another great thing about The Body Shop, when you buy somehing, they give you two free samples of a body scrub, or a face cream, so that you can try out their other products, and do you know what? I am now in love with their Vitamin A night cream because of one of those samples. Aside from that, you can ask for a free sample of anything your heart desires right in the store! I LOVE THE BODY SHOP! I love it!

My coconut body butter. My first one! So sentimental. :)

I love them so much. In fact, I have already used up a whole coconut one!(below)

My Strawberry One....

My Brazil Nut one...

All of them together! I'm not obsessed....Okay I am!

Aand lastly, the cute little sample containers them come in! Notice how I have used all of them up.. haha.

Okay! That is it! I worked really hard on this post, so comment and give me feedback! Also tell your friend! I need followers. :)

Stay gorgeous.


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