Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Nail Polish!

Hey guys! Today I decided to show you a few of my nail polishes. These are not all of them, just a few of my  favorites. Sorry I have been so M.I.A.lately. I have been soo busy this week

So, first I got the essie spring collection polishes. They are mini versions of four of the spring polishes! The colors are Tart Deco, Pop Art pink, Lilacism, and Red Noveau. They dry semi-fast, and look great with a top-coat to  make it shiny. Also, they do apply really easily. They just glide right on!

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This one is Tart Deco, It is peachy-coral-y orange color. I don't love it on me, because it is a bit too peachy colored for my skin tone, so I don't really recommend it for lighter skin tones, but if you have olive skin or darker, it would look fabulous on you.


This is Red Noveau. It is a gorgeous red with a lot of orange tones in it. This looks really good for my skin tone, and would work on any color of skin! It glides on soo smoothly, and I just really like it! It is also a color that is good to wear during any season!

This one is Lilacism. Again, and it goes on very nicely. It is a light lavender color, and my favorite out of the whole collection! It looks great on my nails, and I have to say that I got a lot of compliments on it when I wore it! It is quite sheer when you first apply it though, so you should definitely do a 2 or 3 coats with this one.

The last one! Pop Art pink. Pastel colors are really in for Spring, so I am glad that I have these last two colors. Pop Art Pink is also sheer, you will want to do 2 or 3 coats. It is a baby pink, really light, and pretty. I would most likely wear this color to a wedding, or a formal event that I didn't want any crazy colors on my nails.

Here are some swatches of them I did.

Okay, my next favorite polish is OPI "Paris Couture for sure" glitter topcoat. Although it is  a topcoat, I like to wear it alone. It's a really pretty, rainbow holographic polish!

Okay, so this is "Lincoln Park After Dark" by OPI. Definitely up there in my top nail polishes! It is the perfecccct polish for winter! It's an extremely dark eggplant purple, and I looove it! The picture of it on me isn't accurate, but close enough. This is a great color for any skin tone and I love it so much! I want to try out "Lincoln Park at Midnight". It is a sparkly version of this.

Next....Almost done!

Okay. This is Sephora by OPI "Domestic Goddess". I told you in.-my first post I think - how much I love Sephora by OPI nail polish. They have an amazing formula and brush, and the colors it comes in are soo gorgeous. I wanna buy them all! Okay, so Domestic Goddess is a really pretty purple creme polish. I can't really explain the color, you just have to see it. It looks so good on my nails and I like it a lot!  Blurry Pictures. Sorry. Until I get a better camera!

Last one. Sally Hansen 'Hard as Nails" nail color in 'Blue It'. Haha! I love that. 'Blue it' That is so punny! All of the names are like that. :) Anywho..This is a bright, electric blue! I can't really say anything else about it, except for how I love it! So pretty! I got many compliments on this polish. 

Okay! That's it. Questions? Comments? Wanna say Hi? Comment Below!

Stay Gorgeous, 

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