Friday, June 4, 2010

Pictures I like.

I have been surfing photobucket lately and I have seen some really awesome pictures! I just wanted to post some of them. :)

tumblr_l091e43twx1qan9zxo1_500.jpg vintage photography image by lova_03

tumblr_l2wv40dGr71qz83clo1_500.jpg photography image by lova_03

4354458340_7df859c4f6_o_large.jpg color splash image by madalynx

tumblr_l34sawoilW1qar127o1_400.jpg photography image by DamnDirtyDolls69

tumblr_l34f5aiT051qbp0wgo1_400.jpg photography image by DamnDirtyDolls69

speed_photography_003-1.jpg image by jammjamie

Crayons.jpg crayons image by cheerupfattass

icecream-1.jpg ice cream :) image by samantha01463

Pez-Tin-Sign1.jpg image by findstuff22

Ok. That's all. Do you have any favorite pictures from Photobucket? Link em' in the comments!

Stay gorgeous,


  1. Oh those pictures are really really pretty

  2. OMG these are really cool.