Saturday, May 29, 2010

Yet another small haul. Bigger than last time, though.(:

Okay, just wanted to quickly share another small haul with you guys, from Target. WOOT!

Let me tell you guys, usually I look at all of the clearance items around the hair products,the lotions/self tanners,and the makeup (of course!). Usually, there are some okay-ish deals there, but never really anything I really want, but today they had some great stuff! They had some 3 packs of Burt's Bees chapsticks for about 2.50. Then, they had all of these awesome Pantene and Garnier Fructis packs for awesome prices as well! I'm tellin' ya, check them out sometime!


First, I got a two-pack bonus deal thing of Tresemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo, with a Refreshing mist. I tried it already, and it works great! I have been keepin' an eye out for an affordable dry shampoo, and when I saw this on the clearance rack, I had to get it! You just spritz the Dry Shampoo all over your roots, and any other spots where you get oily, and it comes out like a powder. You leave it on for 1-2 minutes, then just brush your hair and go! Don't freak out when you first spray it on, it makes you look like your roots are going gray, but don't panic! It goes away. *Phew..* :). So I kept it in for about a minute and a half...and then boom! I brushed it out! But one con for this, is that it doesn't really brush out that well. I kinda had to flip my head over and rub it around. That did the trick, but just lettin you know that it rub in as easy as it could. That's it, though! Not too bad, right? It also came with a refreshing mist, which was great, it takes away that oily hair odor. Great Buy!!

Next, I bought this cute kabuki brush ! It is SUPER soft, and it doesn't shed at all. I had my eye on this as well. Get this- It was originally about $5.00 and was reduced to $1.48!! What a great deal! This brush is MAC quality! Plus it's so soft, it will make you want to brush on your bronzer. :) Bonus: It's cute!How did they know that purple was my favorite color?  Rush to your nearest Target, people!

Kay. I also got Sally Hansen Insta-dri nail polish in " Blue Blast". What a bee-yoo-ti-full color! It is a sky blue. It's the light blue I've always wanted! I think that this would look super cute on toes and fingers alike. I really wish that I could just buy the entire Sally Hansen Insta-Dri collection! All of the colors are so pretty! Especially the Spring Collection. They are the perfect colors for Spring and Summer!
I also have another one, which I got last winter as a winter color (Jumpin' Jade), and I loved it! They dry super fast!(Who would have thought..?)

Lastly, I got a new LashBlast volume mascara, which I definitely needed. My old one was all gunky and dried out, as you can see. Can you see the difference in the packaging? I like it! I was gonna get the awesome new LashBlast Fusion but, I compared the brush and they looked exactly the same. Plus, it was like $3.00 more than the LashBlast Volume! No way! Maybe if I have a little extra money sometime, I will get it. I really like the purpley-blue packaging, though. :)
This is my favorite mascara of the moment! I have been wearing it everyday. I got it in "Very Black".

It was so dried out that it couldn't close all the way.. :P

Ew. Haha.

Check out below the comparison of the old packaging and the new packaging. I like the new packaging alot is..minamalist. I like it.

Upside down..oops! Black!

Okay, I went a litte pic. crazy on LashBlast!

Oh! I saw this video by one of my all-time favorite Beauty Gurus on Youtube, and loved it! I'm working on a favorite Benefit products post right now, and this was a cool coincidence! Plus, the makeup look she does in it is gorgeous! I love Elle. She explains everything so thoroughly, and she is funny, too!

Okay, that's it! Sorry again, about the lack of blog posts lately. I swear, if you comment more, it motivates me more to do more posts! ;)

Love y'all!

Stay Gorgeous,



  1. Oh i really like that color of nail polish. I want to go buy it! And the makeup brush is really pretty too!:)

  2. Hey Molly! Thanks for commenting!
    Yeah, this color of polish is really pretty. It's part of the new Sally Hansen Spring collection, and I'm not sure, but I think it's limited edition, so you should get it quick! :)I am in L OVE with the brush as well.